Saturday 23 April 2011

Writers in Residence

I’m starting off on a Creative Café tour soon. I’ll be spending about half a day in a variety of cafés, just sitting getting on with my work on my laptop, like you do, but with a big “Please Disturb Me” sign on the table. I’ll be there as well to chat to people who are writing or who may be about to start writing. I’ll also be selling signed copies of books. These can go through the till at the café – the café taking 10% of price, still leaving me a small margin.
The cafés are going to help to promote this.
Eventually, I’d like to enrol other writers who would do this and who would get the recommended Society of Authors fee of £350, £250 per half day. I’m currently applying for Arts Council funding to cover the cost of a half dozen writers to do this. I’m doing the pilot ones – claiming expenses against my self-employed income and giving my time “in kind”. I’ll then be looking at a way of facilitating this to happen in a self-funding way.
If you’re interested in being involved, either as a writer or a café, please get in touch here.

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