Friday 24 January 2014

The Spark Cafe Bar

19 Tamworth St
WS13 6JP

The Spark Café Bar offers the following Creative Cafe activities  
  • craft events
  • poetry
  • live music
  • book launches
 The Spark Café Bar 

Friday 17 January 2014

The Electric Elephant

 The Electric Elephant Café and Gallery
186a Crampton Street
London SE17 3AE 

0207 277 4433


The Electric Elephant offers the following Creative cafe projects:
  • Meeting place for artists and artisans
  • Gallery space  
  • Exhibitions 
  • Live music
  • Stocks One Eye Grey
  • Book club
  • Clothes swap parties

Visit the Electric Elephant

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Romanisches Café Berlin

Waldorf Astoria

Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 28 

10623 Berlin

0049 (0)30 81400-0 

The Romanische Café provides the following Creative Cafe activities:  
  • newspapers
  • books
  • rent-a-table 
  • relaxed space for informal meetings 

Reade a review here:


Romanisches Café Berlin

This café is in many ways inspirational for the Creative Café Project. It was a meeting place for artists. I’ve featured it in the biography I’m writing of Clara Lehrs. She was a frequent visitor to this café and she was, by race at least if not by religion, Jewish. At the time she was visiting it in the 1920s it was a simple, plainly furnished place that offered an uncomplicated menu. It was below her normal level of elegance: she was at that time if not exactly wealthy a comfortably provided for widow.