Wednesday 22 October 2014

Nucleus Arts

Multiple locations in Kent. 

Nucleus Arts 

Creative Cafe Project activities:
  • photography exhibitions 
  • art exhibitions 
  • music festivals 
  • craft
  • book events  

Saturday 4 October 2014

Writers in cafés: Gill James at The Art of Tea, working on Girl in a Smart Uniform

The Art of Tea in Didsbury village is my sort of place. I spent a pleasant afternoon there recently as I took a day’s leave. What does a writer do on a day’s leave? Sit and write of course. Busman’s holiday or what?
The holiday bit, I guess is the sitting in a café and enjoying some expertly brewed camomile tea and a rum slice and people-watching at the same time as writing. Certainly, being out and about and amongst other people helps to combat the feeling of isolation. Is that why we writers enjoy working in cafés so much?