Monday 16 December 2013

The Edge Café Brixham

The Edge
Bolton Street
01803 851414.

The Edge Cafe provides the following Creative Cafe activities:
  • craft
  • live theatre
  • music 
The Edge 

Friday 13 December 2013

The Café D'Art

26b Chapel Lane
L37 4DU
01704 870567 

The Café d'Art host the following creative café events:

  • live music
  • gallery 

The Cafe D'Art

Thursday 5 December 2013


CafeLit is doing well at the moment. We’re still getting the normal short stories but also a great line in 100-worders. We’ll soon be putting together the Best of CafeLit 2013 and we’re also planning a cute little square book of the 100-worders. So, some contributors might find their work published twice.
We do pay royalties on our books but as they’re shared between several people they really don’t come to all that much per person. However, they do accumulate over the years – we only pay out once there is £10.00 – and if someone is published by the project several times, and they’ve got other small trickles of income, it all helps to keep the writer fed and housed. There is the option also of donating royalties to the project and several people do that.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

The Art of Tea

47 Barlow Moor Road,
East Didsbury
Manchester M20  6TW

0161 448 9323

The Art of Tea hosts the following creative events:
  • Live music
  • DJs
  • Exhibitions
  • Art gallery
  • Books  
The Art of Tea
Writers in cafes at the Art of Tea 

Friday 8 November 2013

Blue Sky, Bangor, North Wales

Ambassador Hall
Rear of 236 High Street
LL57 1PA
Telephone: 01248 355444

Blue Sky provides the following Creative Café activities: 
  • live music
  • arts events
  • arts speakers
  • book events
  • readings
  • cinema
  • rent-a-table 
Visit the Blue Sky web site.
Read a review of Blue Sky  

Blue Sky

Nirvana. Paradise. The proof that the universe listens and we’re getting there.
Blue Sky anyway really epitomizes what the Creative Café Project is all about. It was actually created by a non-blood relation of mine and then sold on. Goodness, yes, a conversation as we were about to depart from a pub in west Wales after a weekend of floods and memorials, and the realisation that we had exactly the same vision.

Thursday 31 October 2013

Time For Tea, Prestwich, Greater Manchester

416 New Bury Road,
Prestwich Village
M25 1BD

07752 617770

Time for Tea provides the following Creative Café activities: 

  • book events
  • author events
  • pop-up arts events
  • literary salons
  • books for customers 
  • reporter-in-residence 
  • news of other arts events
Visit Time for Tea website.
Read a review here.

Time for Tea

Time for tea is such a haven. As soon as you’re through the doors, you forget the business of the day and the hectic traffic that makes its way through Prestwich toward Manchester or to the nearby motorway junction. It’s all white tablecloths, china tea services and delicious food.

Friday 18 October 2013

The Best of CaféLit

We'll shortly be looking at all of the stories we've published between 15 October 2012 and 15 October 2013 in CaféLit, the e-zine that supports the work of the Creative Café project. It contains short stories that are linked to a drink. If you're in the mood to drink hot chocolate you may find a story that goes with that. And if you’re reading CaféLit on your phone or tablet in a café or looking at a copy of one of the “Best of” books, then that café actually ought to be in the project.  Do send us details!
CaféLit has recently published quite a few what we call 100-worders. These are pieces of fiction 100 words long. If we can get up to 100 of these, and it’s looking likely, we’re going to publish a little square book. Are you up for the challenge? Find details here.   
CaféLit anyway is always looking for more conventional short stories. Submission details here. 
We publish CaféLit in two different places – on a dedicated web site but also on Blogger. Blogger enables us to judge which are all-time most popular stories and on 1 January 2014 we’ll be announcing first, second and third place. There will be a prize!
You can order individual copies of the Best of CaféLit 2011 and 2012 from the links below. From 1 November there will be a special Christmas offer on orders for five copies plus, mixed and matched between the two titles.   
Happy reading, writing and coffee drinking!            


Cafe Create Darlington

93-97 Parkgate Chambers
DL1 1RZ 
(next to the Civic Theatre)


Create  Cafe Darlington offers the following Create Café Events:

  • live music 
  • arts events during opening hours  10-5 Tuesday to Saturday 
  • involvement with Dartlington Arts Festival
  • involvement with the Mad Hatter Tea Party Writing Competition  
  • theatre on doorstep    

Create Cafe  Darlington 

Monday 14 October 2013

The House on the Rock

The Rock
0161 763 7336

The House on the Rock and Bury Parish Church provide the following Creative Café activities:

  • Book shop 
  • lunch-time concerts (Friday)   
  • quiet networking space 
  • quiet reading / writing space 
Read a review here. 

The House on the Rock, Bury Parish Church

It was when  I was in another creative café that I first heard about the House on the Rock. “Best coffee in Bury,” said a gentleman who worked with the University of the ThirdAge.  “You should try it.” So, I did.
I had to be in Bury the next day and as I was early for my appointment I popped in.  

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Linghams Booksellers

248 Telegraph Road
CH60 76G
0151 342 7290

Linghams Booksellers provide the following Creative Cafe Project activities:

  • author visits
  • book clubs
  • reading materials in the cafe 
  • literary quizzes 
  • story time for children under six
  • Heswell festival
  • poetry evenings
 Linghams Booksellers    

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Simply Books

228 Moss Lane

0161 439 1436.

Simply Books provides the following Creative Cafe Project  activities:

  • author visits
  • illustrator visits
  • cinema evenings
  • book clubs
  • reading materials in the cafe
Simply  Books 

Sunday 18 August 2013

Buchhandlung Graff Cafe Lit

Sack 15
38100 Braunschweig
Tel.: 0531 / 480 89 - 0
Fax: 0531 / 480 89 - 89   

Cafe Lit provides the following Creative Cafe Project  activities:
  • bookstore cafe 
  • book events
  • conferences
  • author visits 
 Cafe Lit

Saturday 20 July 2013

Urmston Book Shop

I visited this delightful bookshop on a warm Thursday afternoon a couple of weeks before the schools broke up for the summer. It was deliciously quiet in there. A backdoor was open and a refreshing breeze made both the shop and the café bearable.
I first met owners Frances and Peter Hopkins when they supplied the books for the Prestwich Bookfest. It’s clear that they work very hard, and that owning an independent bookshop is very demanding and is about more than selling books.
The bookshop hosts several reading groups, holds book launches and photographic exhibitions and occasional film nights. There is a back room and this is sometimes hired out for meetings and workshops.
The café is tiny but a real treat. There are just a few what I would call proper bistort tables and attractive olive-green folding chairs.  The cakes are pretty but delicious, too. They are supplied by local independent enterprises - The Bear Who Bakes, Elaine’s Creative Cakes and Urmston cakes. I settled for the lemon drizzle and one of the best cups of tea I ever drunk.
My purpose was two-fold in visiting the shop that day. I wanted to buy some books for a course I’m teaching next year. I also wanted to check out the café and see if it passed muster. I’m pleased to say the café is joining the project.  It’s good also to support an independent bookshop Sure, I buy books and sell my own via Amazon – and don’t have a guilty conscience about that. But it’s good to go into a bookshop and browse – especially when you’re looking for picture books.
I hope the Hopkins will be able to carry on for many more years.             

Urmston Bookshop

The Urmston Bookshop, Urmston 

72 Flixton Road
M41 5AB

0161 747 7442

Urmston Bookshop provides the following Creative Cafe Project activities:

  • book launches
  • film nights
  • book clubs
  • reading groups 
  • story times
  • photographic exhbitions
  • creative meetings 
  • literary newsletter  
Urmston Bookshop  
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Urmston Bookshop revisited 

Friday 5 July 2013

The Angel Cafe Salford

1 St Philips Place

Manchester M3 6FA
Area: Salford University Campus
0161 833 0495

 The Angel Cafe Salford provided the following creative cafe activities:
  • provides a space where creative practitioners and their audiences can network
  • facilitates book crossing
  • hosts book launches
  • provides meeting space for community project facilitators 

      The Angel Cafe