Wednesday 16 October 2019

Review of Jenny’s Kitchen, Nenagh, Ireland

It was a bit of a dull day. We’d just been around the prison and wouldn’t be able to visit the castle until it opened for the afternoon.   Jenny’s Kitchen looked inviting.  

“It’s all gluten-free, though,” said my husband, pulling a face. 

I shrugged. “I don’t think it matters,” I replied. I remembered that one of my favourite snacks is the little gluten-free Bakewell tart that Costa produces. 

The café was clean and comfortable inside. There didn’t seem to be all that many tables and all the ones we could see were occupied.  This wasn’t a problem, though. There were more tables round the back. We found one that looked directly over the kitchen. We watched as one young woman – Jenny, perhaps? – busied herself making sandwiches and soup, loading the dishwasher and serving customers in the shop. She never stopped but she never got into a flap. 

A few women on the next table were holding a meeting. Rent-a-table obviously works well here. There was a shelf of enticing books in one corner.  Book crossing was definitely encouraged. The walls were covered with artists’ work.  Most of the pictures were for sale and the rest had a “Sold” sticker on them.  This sort of gallery space works well; the café owner gets free decoration and the artists get to display their work.  

I had a really delicious home-made soup and Martin had a gigantic sandwich. The texture of the bread was a little odd – perhaps more like a scone but it was very tasty. 

On the way out we spotted some attractive slices of Bakewell tart. Would that do for dessert with our evening meal?  You bet. They didn’t disappoint.  Amazing that an item that contains both pastry and cake mixture can be so successful gluten-free.           

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