Saturday 13 October 2012

What makes a Creative Café creative?

Just a few reminders here.  The general principle is that the café offers creative practitioners the opportunity to engage with each other and their audiences and offers the general public the opportunity to interact closely with creative practitioners.  
Customers deposit books they have read and take away ones that others have deposited.
Newspapers and arts publications
The café keeps a supply of these for customers to read.
Book launches and readings
These are held regularly at the venue.
Reading and writing groups
These are also held regularly at the venue.
Arts workshops
These might include creative writing workshops, costume-making, crafts, cooking, art – even life-drawing if you have the right sort of events room.
Talks and lectures
Why here and not a lecture room? The café provides a more relaxed atmosphere at either end of the event.
Writer in residence
A writer in residence can provide advice about writing, celebrate the café in writing, devise writing projects for café customers and subtly promote their own work.
 Café as gallery
The café displays artists’ work and sells the pictures, taking a small commission.
Live music
This could be a formal performance, background music or a group busking.
Just networking
This happens almost without any effort. The café becomes a space where creative practitioners choose to meet. The Creative Café Project supports the small guys but just look at what the big guys do too. Just go to the Media City UK Costa and rub shoulders with the BBC. 

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