Friday 8 November 2013

Blue Sky

Nirvana. Paradise. The proof that the universe listens and we’re getting there.
Blue Sky anyway really epitomizes what the Creative Café Project is all about. It was actually created by a non-blood relation of mine and then sold on. Goodness, yes, a conversation as we were about to depart from a pub in west Wales after a weekend of floods and memorials, and the realisation that we had exactly the same vision.
Blue Sky may have changed hands but it is still so exactly what I want cafés in the Creative Café Project to be. And I’d been there five minutes – with a writing friend – when a former colleague and her family turned up. It’s the sort of place where, if you’re like me, you meet like-minded people. We chewed the fat and put the world right for ten minutes or so, then the coffee my writer friend and I had ordered turned up so I went back to my table.
The rest of the group arrived shortly afterwards. And so did our wonderful vegetarian breakfasts. Food has to be good, too, at Creative Cafés and Blue Sky does not disappoint.
There was a moment when I thought “This is it. This is what I’ve been aiming for.”  
I was in Bangor to attend my friend’s debut novel launch:Debz Hobbs-Wyatt’s While No One WasWatching. The launch went well. Thirty to forty people attended, Debz read competently and an interesting Q & A  followed. A great stack of books was reduced to a few – some of which became author copies and some of which would be sold as signed copies in a local bookshop.
I’d not known until the last minute that I could attend and I stayed over at Debz’s. We drank a bottle of cava. Well, one has to celebrate.  
Then, naturally, I was invited to the writers’ brunch. A fabulous thing for writers to do: get out of their garrets and meet every Saturday morning. Social media has its place, but this is even better. The conversation was as good as the food.
And it’s definitely “rent a table” like in the old Viennese coffee houses: we arrived at 10.40, ordered another round of juices about 11.40  and when I had to depart at shortly after 12.00 because my car parking ticket was about to expire, the other ladies didn’t move a muscle. My former colleague and her family only left a few minutes before I did.   
Now, that’s a Creative Café for you.        

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