Thursday 7 April 2016

Cafe Limelight and Sir Galsworthy Gurney

We visited this delightful café on Good Friday of 2016, the first sunny spring-like day of the year. The holiday-makers were out in force and the cafés that cluster around the beach, canal and river were full and twice as expensive as this one.  Yet it is clearly visible from the path that runs along the canal and has fabulous sea views. It’s pleasant and cosy inside.
We think we spotted a food critic.  He ordered one of the delicious–looking cream teas and hardly touched the cream, jam and scone. He asked the staff a lot of questions about where they sourced their products. All good. This helps to keep up standards.
The café is actually in the heritage centre. It gets its name from the invention of Sir Goldsworthy Gurney of Bude who invented the BudeLight, a form of limelight. Poor Sir Goldsworthy seemed to be upstaged all of his life.  Often his inventions were earlier or better than more successful ones. Nevertheless, he survived well.
The Heritage Centre boasts two galleries, one of which spills into the café. We took great delight in looking at the work of The Absurdists in the Willoughby  Gallery.
The food was excellent.  I had the soup and was pleased that there was a choice of four.                           

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