Thursday 26 March 2020

Review of the Barter Books Cafe

One of the most striking  thing about this cafe is the superb  Writers Mural. Can we recognize all of the writers?  It certainly is impressive the way it dominated the shop.

There an interesting little video on the homepage of the site. You know that famous poster about Keeping Calm and carrying On? It was never actually used in World War II.  It was only ever menat to be used in an emergency. The owners of the bookshop found a copy of it a box of dust old books.  They liked it so put it up in the shop and so it was reborn.      

The bookshop was there before the cafe. It sprawls. It is magnificent. Really my sort of place. And how we need books more than ever now.

There's a lot of art to see here. Take a look.    

What would I enjoy from the cafe today?

An Americano  and a toasted teacake I should think.


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