Monday 14 October 2013

The House on the Rock, Bury Parish Church

It was when  I was in another creative café that I first heard about the House on the Rock. “Best coffee in Bury,” said a gentleman who worked with the University of the ThirdAge.  “You should try it.” So, I did.
I had to be in Bury the next day and as I was early for my appointment I popped in.  

The church’s spire is visible as you come off the Metrolink. Once you’ve crossed the road towards the shopping centre it’s signed. It’s only a couple of hundred metres from the two main shopping areas, and in fact it’s on your way if you take the outdoor route to the Rock from the bus station. As is often the case in coffee shops in churches and cathedrals, it is a relaxing oasis of peace away from the vibrancy of a Saturday morning in a middle-sized town.
I had to wait a short while to be served. But I was able to find a table to myself. People were chatting quietly and peaceful church choral music played in the background. This would certainly be a good place to hold an informal meeting or to sit and read or write.  In fact I read the newspaper and some short fiction on my iPhone.   
The café is actually in the middle of a bookshop. A Christian bookshop, yes. But that has a wide remit these days. Also on sale were some gifts and CDs again of church music some of it performed in this very church.
Though the coffee shop per se does not hold events, the church does and sometimes the café serves those events.  
Was it the best coffee in Bury? I can’t be sure about that as I’ve not tried everywhere but it was certainly very good. And they sell that delicious Fair Trade chocolate I can’t resist.  

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