Sunday 22 February 2015

The Floral Hall Café, Hornsea Review

The Floral Hall café , bookshop, sits next to the Floral Hall on the sea front at Hornsea.  Even on a Thursday afternoon in February it is inviting. Inside there are red hearts, ready for Valentine’s Day. Outside the waves tumble energetically on to the firm sand. The café offers a sanctuary for those who have braved a walk in the cold. Several have. And goodness, it’s cold enough out there.  

I arrive just in time for lunch.  I order a cheese and onion quiche with chips and salad. The pastry is light, the filling beautifully cheesy with the texture just right and the chips are cooked to be crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. All for under £6.00.  Later I indulge in a piece of excellent chocolate cake and a large cup of builder’s tea – for just £2.50.  No wonder the trade is brisk.

Monday 9 February 2015

Horsnea Floral Hall Café Writer in Residence

At the Floral Hall Café
East Yorkshire
HU18 1NQ

Gill James will be working as Writer in Residence on Thursday 12 February 2015 from about 11.30 until the end of the afternoon.
She’ll be writing in the café.
Come and meet Gill and   
·         Book a half hour critique of your work. Book in advance here.   
·         Find out more about the Creative Café Project and Café Lit
·         Chat to her about writing
·         Find out about her books
·         Find out about writing flash fiction
·         Join  a local writing project         

Gill James writes novels for children and young adults. She writes shorter fiction for adults.
She is the founder of the Creative Café Project.      

Friday 6 February 2015

The Caboose Cafe

Caboose Cafe & Bar
18 Queen Street 
Kent CT11 9DR

01843 570984

Creative Cafe Project activities: 

  • book reviews
  • comedy
  • live music  
  • storytelling   

The Caboose Cafe