Wednesday 8 March 2017

New cafés, new creative practitioners and new activities sought

New cafés, new creative practitioners and new activities sought

The Creative Café started off as a seed of an idea about ten years ago. Since then I’ve collected dozens and dozens of cafés. I seem to find them everywhere I go. I’ve altered my ideas about what counts as a creative café activity and embraced some really interesting events and meetings.

I’m now keen of course to get even more people involved, more cafés listed and discover more ideas of how creative practitioners can interact with each other and their audiences in a café environment.

Do have a look at About the Project to find out what the project is about. Also take a look at Ideas for Café Owners to find out how the cafés work. We also have some good ideas about how writers and other creative practitioners might interact with a creative café. Read about it here.   Do browse the cafés and get a sense of how a café become labelled “creative”.  Find a Café shows you a list of activities by café.  You can also search for a café by post code, town and country. 

Don’t forget also CaféLit, our publication that supports the project.   

Can you help me to add more information to the site? If so, please use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.