Sunday 29 March 2020

Granny Dowbekins Pooley Bridge

Granny Dowbekin's Tea Room and Garden,
Pooley Bridge,
CA10 2NP

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Thursday 26 March 2020

The Theatre Cafe Cyber Visit

How appropriate - today of all days visiting a theatre cafe. I wonder whether I'll bump int anyone famous?  So handy of all of the theatres.

There are some delightful pictures of rehearsals for Malory Towers. I sued ot love Enid Blyton so that would really be good to see.  

Silent disco walking tours sound like fun.

What to eat or drink? It has to be Afternoon Tea, doesn't it?

Should It get myself a T-shirt or a tote-bag? See them here.

I'm glad to see that they're doing something to support tha actors whiole the theatr's closed. See details here. 

Open mic, open mics. Would I dare to take part in one here?

Housing Works Cyber visit

This can be a really buzzy place especially when there's a big event on and it's crowded.

It would have been the 2020 Writers Awards ceremony today  Now that's right up my street. How many interesting writers might I meet? I expect I'd buy more books and get them signed.

Volunteers work here supporting HIV / Aids suffers.  There are major fund-rasing events, thrift store and the Bookstore Cafe itself. 

The story slam  sounds like good fun and there's normally plenty of fun things for youngsters.

I'd really like to go and join in the Writing Den - that sounds like a good move.

Not sure what to eat his time but what thye're having over there look quite good- bubbly and canapes - why not!    

Review of the Barter Books Cafe

One of the most striking  thing about this cafe is the superb  Writers Mural. Can we recognize all of the writers?  It certainly is impressive the way it dominated the shop.

There an interesting little video on the homepage of the site. You know that famous poster about Keeping Calm and carrying On? It was never actually used in World War II.  It was only ever menat to be used in an emergency. The owners of the bookshop found a copy of it a box of dust old books.  They liked it so put it up in the shop and so it was reborn.      

The bookshop was there before the cafe. It sprawls. It is magnificent. Really my sort of place. And how we need books more than ever now.

There's a lot of art to see here. Take a look.    

What would I enjoy from the cafe today?

An Americano  and a toasted teacake I should think.


Wednesday 4 March 2020

Barter Books Station Buffet

Barter Books,
Alnwick Station,
NE66 2NP.
+44 (0) 1665 604888

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Look out for the fabulous Writers' Mural

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