CafeLit is an e-zine that supports the Creative Café. We publish short stories that can be read as one drinks a cup of coffee or something similar. Each story is assigned the name of a drink – this helps the reader to decide what sort of story is being offered.

So CafeLit supports the Creative Café Project by enabling more cafés to become creative: if someone is sitting reading CafeLit in a café then that café is by definition a Creative Café. 

CafeLit also makes a tiny financial contribution to the Creative Café Project. Each year we publish a selection of the best stories from CafeLit as an e-book on Amazon Kindle - the price varies but is usually about £2.00 and occasionally free - and as a paperback that retails at £6.00. Profits are shared between the Creative Café Project and the authors. The authors can opt to donate the royalties to the project if they wish.

If you’re a writer and you’d like to have a go at contributing, please find guidelines here.
If you’re a reader and you would like to buy a copy, just click on the images below.

If you'd like to try before you buy, read  our online stories.   Every year we select the best of the stories to put into our e-book and paperback.    

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