The Creative Café Project Terms and Conditions

We post details of cafés we consider to be Creative Cafés on our web site. If you are not on our web site you think you should be, you are invited to get in touch via our contact form .     

1.      Definition:

A Creative Café encourages creative practice and allows creative practitioners and their audiences to share a common space in a pleasant café area. They may provide such activities and facilities as:

Antique shows

Art workshops

Author events

Board game sessions  

Book clubs

Book crossing

Book events




Clothes swap

Comedy nights

Community projects

Craft sessions

Creative writing sessions

Film nights

Free Wi-Fi


Gallery spaces

Happiness workshops

Knit and natter

Live music

Live theatre

Meet the author

Meeting space

Mental health workshops

Mindfulness workshops

Music festivals

Music lessons

Networking space

Open mic


Private hire

Science café


Venue hire

Writers in residence


Note, these are suggestions. You may also have your own suggestions as to why a café should be part of the project.

2.      Café owners / managers and their visitors are invited to nominate projects to be included in the project.   

3.      Café owners / managers, their visitors and visitors to our web site are invited to sign up for the monthly newsletter, from which they can unsubscribe at any point.

4.      A slot of the web site is free of charge. There is also the possibility of having a one line advert in the back of our Best of CafeLit book. This costs £10.00 and includes a free copy of the e-book. And three cafés can have a one page spread in the back of The Best of CaféLit for £200 and this includes a free copy of the e-book and ten of the paperback.         

5.      You may ask for details to be added, taken out or changed. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

6.      Should café owners/ managers wish to purchase copies of The Best of books, we can let you have them at 25% discount.

7.      You are encouraged to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss what else you might do to make your café even more creative. If you would like to find a writer in residence we can put you in touch with one of our writers.     

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