Friday 1 July 2011

Revisiting the Angel, CreEATion Café, Salford

The Angel Café Salford, with its subtitle, crEATion, is one of the first cafés to come into the Creative Cafe Project. It sells really good food at really reasonable prices. It’s generally healthy food, though the portions are huge; the café serves street-workers. I mean traffic wardens, road-builders, BTOpenreach workers and so on. A lot of local people also use the café. Meetings are held and projets set up. It becomes a creative café by default.
I visited the other day. As I was going out for a meal in the evening, I decided just to have a snack. That is not always easy at the Angel café. They really do cater for big appetites. I settled for the soup – spicy tomato. Delicious! Every time I go, I resolve to go more often. The food is so good and it’s such good value, and the atmosphere is really pleasant. It’s just a short walk from my office at Salford University.
The café is still being creative and it is still supporting the arts. The muzak was a pleasant swing. The counter from which food is served is covered in pieces of old sheet music. The walls act as a gallery displaying local art work. This work is for sale, so the café is directly aiding the creative practitioners. There is a notice board with posters of local arts events and a rack containing pamphlets. There are more in the foyer which is also the reception area to the Angel Centre. Most tables contain some reading material – a free newspaper, a book that someone has crossed, or more arts information.
Yes, the CrEATion Café is certainly being creative.

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