Friday 17 February 2012

The Best of Cafelit 2011 and Supporting the Project

The Best of CaféLit 2011
This is available now. We’re rather pleased about how smart it is and the stories are of course super. They’ve been vetted twice. The second time they were selected after being edited, so they’re of a good standard.      
Supporting the Creative Café project
Half of the profit from CaféLit goes to the Creative Café project. The other half goes to the authors and editors. Now, we’re not expecting to sell millions, but, of course, you never know. 
If you want to help the project anyway there are various things you could do:
·         Buy a copy of CaféLit -the Kindle version is out now, the hard copy will be available form Amazon shortly. Remember, if you’re an author you can buy hard copies at a discount - minimum order five.  Contact us to get a quote.
·         Make a donation via our Chip-in button.
·         Contribute a story to CaféLit
·         If you’re a writer, working as a Writer in Residence with a café on our list or one you know that we don’t know about – but please tell us about it!  
·         If you’re a café visitor, let us know here about other cafés that should be in the project.   

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