Thursday 5 December 2013


CafeLit is doing well at the moment. We’re still getting the normal short stories but also a great line in 100-worders. We’ll soon be putting together the Best of CafeLit 2013 and we’re also planning a cute little square book of the 100-worders. So, some contributors might find their work published twice.
We do pay royalties on our books but as they’re shared between several people they really don’t come to all that much per person. However, they do accumulate over the years – we only pay out once there is £10.00 – and if someone is published by the project several times, and they’ve got other small trickles of income, it all helps to keep the writer fed and housed. There is the option also of donating royalties to the project and several people do that.
How CafeLit helps the Creative Café Project   
The e-zine and the book help the project in four ways.
1.       The small profits made after royalties are put aside go towards supporting the project.  
2.       It provides just the right sort of reading material for the café-reader and thereby helps the cafés to remain “creative”.
3.       It raises awareness of the project.
4.       It can be purchased at a discount by the cafés so that they can further their work as creative cafés.
A little gem
I’m not the editor so I’m allowed to say that the stories are delightful. A librarian has even said that The Best of CafeLit 2012 is the best anthology she has ever read. Some of the stories are funny and some are darker – in fact many of the 100-worders are quite thought-provoking. They’re all the better for being associated with a drink. If you fancy a hot chocolate, the stories associated with this beverage will most likely suit your mood.  
We always want more
Yes, we’re always looking for more stories. Submission guidelines here. And more cafés. Contact us here. Also, of course, we’re keen to sell more copies of the books. Just click through to Amazon. If you are a café owner / manager and would like to purchase books to sell on at your café contact us here.
Happy reading and writing.           

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