Thursday 29 May 2014

Café reviewers and scouts needed

Would you like to review for the Creative Café Project? Is there a creative café near you that should be on the list? If so send us the details and we’ll include it. Would you like to write a short article about it? It should be about 350 words and can be as personal or as objective as you like – as long as it tells us something more about the café than what’s on the blurb.
Definition reminder
How do you recognise a creative café? Have a look at a few on the site and you’ll probably get a sense of it. There are two main criteria:
1.      It must be first and foremost a great café
2.      It must have some sort of creative activity going on such as:
a.       Provide gallery space
b.      Have literature available for customers to read – newspapers, magazines, books
c.       Host a writing group
d.      Host live music
e.       Host a reading group
f.       Provide informal meeting space
Sample reviews
Take a look at these. 
Send your café suggestion or review here. Pictures also welcome.

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