Thursday 29 October 2015

The Stables Café at Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre

I stumbled upon this café through Streetlife. This is therefore also a good recommendation for Streetlife as a really useful piece of social media. It puts you in touch with your neighbours and stops some of the isolation. 
This café is actually a ten minute drive from where I live.
I visited on a Friday afternoon. The knitting club, Knit and Natter, was in full swing. There was much laughter, lots of cups of tea and some brightly coloured woollen items emerging.  

I paid just £2.00 for a decent mug of tea and a wonderful slice of something very chocolaty.
There is most certainly plenty of Creative Café Project activity going on here. There is art work on the walls, artisan cards for sale and news of a reading group. The owner is looking to extend activities.

It helps if you like horses as you have to walk up through the stables to get to the café. That just adds to the atmosphere as far as I’m concerned. It can be a little draughty in the café as the door opens and shuts frequently as riders wait for lessons to start or for parents to collect them. However, it’s all part of the fun.    

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