Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Creative Café Manager

I’m probing into the Creative Café idea a little further. Some of the cafés in the project always were “creative”.  Why is that so? Did the managers / owners proactively seek that or did it just happen? Does it take a certain sort of manager / owner to hold that sort of vision?
I’ve put together a set of questions I’d like to ask some Creative Café facilitators. If you are such a person, do send me your answers at g.james1 at salford.ac.uk, along with a link to your café and a photo and if you wish also a photo of yourself. Miss out any questions you’re not comfortable with and add in some of your own if you feel so inclined. Do also feel free to reorder them if you think it appropriate. If you’re not an owner manager, but know of a café that ought to be in the project, then do pass this on to them.
Which “creative” activities does your café promote?
How did this come about?
Which activities are the most successful?    
Are there any other activities you’d like to try?
Tell us something about the people who visit the café.
Have you held a particularly successful event?
How do the food and creative activities interact?
Which benefits, if any, do you gain by being a creative café?
Is there any help you would like from the project?      
Do you have a funny, interesting or moving story to tell us?
I look forward to your responses.            

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