Friday 1 March 2013

The Ginger Pig Hoxton Revisited

I spent an extremely pleasant lunchtime yesterday at TheGinger Pig in Hoxton. I was due at the Ministry of Stories for an afternoon session and it’s always a good idea to get there in plenty of time.  It’s not as if Hoxton is dull. The Ginger Pig provided the sustenance and Shoreditch Library a space to work for an hour.
The Ginger Pig did not disappoint. I tried to order something light as I was meeting my son and daughter for dinner at an American diner later.  It’s not always easy to find something not too filling at TGP but I settled for a small portion of soup from the dinner menu. It was home-made and came with hunks of crusty white bread and with whole slices of vegetables in it. I drank freshly squeezed orange juice. The whole lot came to just £7.00. It’s always cash only, note. The food is homemade and is always cooked to order. 
It’s usually peaceful there but not dead. At another table a couple of men were discussing a documentary they were making. Obviously a pair of freelancers.  A couple of retired women picked up some of the pamphlets about forthcoming arts events. It’s good to see here that both mainstream and fringe art events are highlighted here.
I spent my time working on my laptop as I waited for my food to arrive – there is ample room at the tables.  The free Wi-Fi is a boon. There are also plenty of magazines and newspapers to read. The atmosphere is encouraging. If you are a creative practitioner or a lover of the arts and / or good food you are welcome there.
I did some writing.  Writing in a café again. Now I feel even more like a real creative practitioner. 

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